i wish i was as confident and proud of myself as you are of me

sadly, i don’t think it will ever happen. it’s hard to be patient any longer.

one of the best weeks of my life.. maui 2013 <3 

one of the best weeks of my life.. maui 2013 <3 

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happy october

my favorite month!

tomorrow is my first day of practicum, so essentially my very first experience with my career. i am very, very, very excited about this, and while i know it’s because of the novelty of the situation, i have decided that, for the rest of my life, i will always try my best to be THIS excited about my work. it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your job, but i really hope that i will always see everyday i work as an opportunity to hold someone’s hand, to show that i care, and to make a difference. i’ve chosen this path for a reason, and it’s weird but i truly feel like i am MEANT to do this. 

our professor told us last year that school psychology isn’t one of those careers you choose because you want to work your way up, be promoted someday and make more money. we will probably never be promoted or see significant increase in our incomes. but we choose this career because it is our calling. we genuinely feel passionate about what we do and that’s all that really matters. it’s really a career fueled by passion and i hope i will always feel this way. 

good night!